Team Bios

Introducing the Non-Sense team.

We're a group of friends who believe that Christ is alive, and that He wants more for us than what we've already discovered. Not long ago, the Lord began teaching each of us about the importance of spiritual warfare, and of intimate communion with His Holy Spirit. Then, He asked us to work together to proliferate truth in an accessible way.  We have a passion to help call the Church at large to the heavenly normal that Christ died and rose to win for us.



Fascinated by the nature of God and his promises, Thyreos passionately explores what it looks like to seek and find the living God. The human soul was designed to most need and most enjoy everything that the Creator is, and all brokenness derives from our seeking fulfillment in other places. Enjoy articles by Thyreos to learn more about the all-satisfying nature of God, and about the romantic mutual pursuit of him and by him, that eternally unfolds and increases.



Rhema is interested in the ideas of practical theology. How our views on God are lived out on a daily basis affecting directly and indirectly all decisions we make whether we realize it, believe it, see it or understand it. How? Take a look at Rhema's posts to learn more about the deep ways knowing God (whose image we are made in) and ourselves can change the way we live our lives one daily action at a time.



Bio still to be written :)